Suffering In Silence

•November 15, 2007 • 3 Comments

Suffering_In_Silence, originally uploaded by lighttripper.

Was at Pondicherry getting sozzled at the bar, enjoying the company and the drink a lot, when I noticed this mime sitting in one corner away from everyone , sipping a drink of whisky through a straw. The expression on his face was so far removed from the happy smile that we are accustomed to see all the time. While the world chatters around him , he sits in one corner with his own silence , his own thoughts.


Raksha Bandhan

•October 21, 2007 • Leave a Comment

My cute friend told me – ‘you are so cute , so nice and sweet, I want
to tie you a rakhi’ – I replied – ‘Only if you incest …err insist’ –
Damn the freudian slip!

Sense of humour

•October 21, 2007 • 1 Comment

Almitra remarked – ‘You have a sharp sense of humour’
‘Sharpened by life, my dear friend’ the prophet answered.
‘What cards did life deal out to you?’ – asked Almitra,
‘A straight flush’ – the prophet replied,
‘And before I realized , I was spinning in the commode called reality’

Here goes…

•September 22, 2007 • 3 Comments

Poised at a very important point in my life. A chapter ending and a chapter already begun. Excited and expectant, wanting to embrace the future with an open heart….starting to believe in magic again. Wish me luck people … here I go again.