Treetop getaway in Wayanad

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Planning a birthday surprise for your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband, have a weekend in hand and thinking of where to go. Recently I was faced with the very same questions and chanced upon a very nice idea in Wayanad.

Set on the Western ghats Wayanad in Kerala is a beautiful getaway in Kerala about 6 and a half hours drive from Bangalore.  Wayanad is known for its lush green paddy fields and its lush tea and coffee gardens nestled on some picturesque hills. There are many a trek route ,picturesque waterfall, cave or lakes to be discovered in this place. It is also very densely forested in some places and have some very tall and sturdy trees.

And constructed very neatly on top of these trees are some beautiful tree houses. On searching I found two resorts which offered very nice tree houses.

Stream Valley Cottages 

Green Magic Nature Resorts

I found my tree top getaway in Stream Valley Cottages in Lakkidi.

The Plan

Whisk away my wife to Wayanad and have a romantic candle lit dinner on top of the tree.

The Route

From Bangalore by road it takes 6 and half hours. Bangalore to Mysore , Mysore to Nanjangud and then Gundalpet on the Ooty Road. At Gundalpet you take a right turn on the Calicut road NH212 that takes you stright to Wayanad. On NH212 you enter the Bandipur forest and cross into Muthanga forest on the Kerala side and reach a small town called Sultan Bathery. From there you head to Kalpetta ,Vythri and Lakkidi. At Lakkidi you take a left turn and withing 300 meters you reach the destination.

The route till Gundalpet was very nice. From Gundalpet to the Kerala border the road had many potholes. The drive through the forest is very scenic and you might be able to see some wildlife if you are lucky. We werent. The Kerala roads are very very good and very scenic.

To be continued…..


In The Corner

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Eyes, originally uploaded by lighttripper.


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As I sit , staring at my office desk

My mind wants to fly, to the island…

On which I sit and watch, nature’s canvas

Painted by the million hues of my soul.

Nu Sommes Du Soleil

Path To Light

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NarrowLanes, originally uploaded by lighttripper.

BCB5 – I will be there

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ReflectingOnLife, originally uploaded by lighttripper.

Infinitea on Cunningham road is one of my favourite hang out places. Sharing warm cups of Darjeeling and some mouth watering momos and sandwiches makes for a perfect evening. Lot of sweet memories and those oh-so-amazing moments are associated with this joint. Thank you infinitea 🙂

Home Sweet Home

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NestBuilder, originally uploaded by lighttripper.

One of the greatest joys in life is building and setting up a house together with the one you love. Bit by bit seeing a house being transformed into a home, a place which welcomes you with open arms, a place where you spend those amazing moments with your love.